It’s important to note that regular plow services often don’t leave you with a perfectly clear driveway and walkway. If you have a gravel driveway or uneven paving, you should expect small amounts of snow left behind (especially with wet, slushy snow). In this case, we offer  additional services like salt, deicing and sand to take care of areas that can re-freeze and become slip hazards.


In addition to clearing snow, we also offer snow blowing or shoveling services in various areas. You should decide whether you want us to be responsible for clearing out entryways, decks, stairs to second floor entrances, sidewalks and walkways. You can request snow cleared from other areas that require a little more care in order to protect your home and landscape, such as access to utility meters, exterior pipes or propane tanks, trash cans, etc.



It seems like a simple point, but make sure you let us know where you’d like the snow to be pushed. It's important to us, so things aren’t barricaded or covered. We would like to avoid wear and tear to any landscape features you’d like to preserve, like a garden bed or a stone wall along the border of your driveway. To get the best control over what gets plowed (and where), place markers on the edges of your driveway and walkways to assist your plow service. Pro tip: Remember to place the markers out before the ground freezes. We recommend you take this action before Thanksgiving, which is usually when we get the first snow of the season.



Even if you don’t hire our service, just know that every homeowner is required to clear all sidewalks along their property within a specified window (usually 24 hours), or they may be fined. Each town and city has their own rules and regulations, so be sure to look up yours. Landlords are also legally obligated to keep all egresses free from obstructions—which includes snow and ice, which pose significant slip-and-fall hazards. Lastly, don't forget your mail carrier. You’ll have to make a path to your mailbox that’s reasonably clear of snow and ice, or delivery may be delayed.



W.R.C. SERVICES offers full plow service with snow blowing and shoveling. Give us a call (800) 773-8505 and we’ll be happy to clear out your driveway, sidewalk and walkways; providing a safe walk path. We also offer vacation-only service to take care of snow removal while you're away. Not only will it look like someone is home, but you will return to a clear driveway and path to your door. If you have questions or would like to sign up this winter, please click here. (You can add residential and commercial cleaning to snow removal service.)