W.R.C. price it's lawn services to benefit customers. Most companies charge by the size of the lawn, others by the hour. We adjust the cost based on how often a client needs our services. Biweekly cost slightly more than weekly mows. Large lawns or acreage, costs are usually priced differently than smaller lawns. Below is our standard mowing prices.

W.R.C. Mowing Cost Per Square Foot

Mowing costs are sometimes calculated by the square foot, especially for smaller yards. Keep in mind that as your lawn approaches a full acre, your costs may switch to acreage to make the estimates more accurate. On average, the price per square foot is around $0.011 to $0.018 for weekly mowing and $0.018 to $0.025 for biweekly mowing.

W.R.C. Lawn Mowing Rates Per Hour

For properties with fences, trees, children’s play equipment, and other obstacles, we charge by the hour rather than by the job. The more obstacles we encounter, the higher the price. Hourly costs ranges from $60 to $80 an hour, depending on the service/need.

W.R.C. Monthly Lawn Service Cost

If you contract with us, for a monthly service; you may get lower rates than you would for a one-time service. Keep in mind that W.R.C. monthly service plans are only for weekly or biweekly mows and service. Most companies do not offer plans with three-week or monthly mows. Most monthly service plans are around $200 to $275 a month for a 3,000 to 5,000-square-foot lawn. Costs are higher or lower for differently sized yards.